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Education & Training

Food Safety Specialists offers training programs to empower your employees with the specific knowledge and skills they need to improve quality and safety in all areas of your business.  Progressive employee education and training to improve your business is our goal.

We at Food Safety Specialists address all employee training issues dealing with the food safety, quality and overall concern of your business.  Our educational programs are molded to fit your needs.  We offer training anywhere in the world and are custom tailored to accommodate all levels of training needs. 

General Food Safety
Supplier Programs
Pest Control
Quality systems
Yum! Brands Pre-Audits
FPA Pre-Audits
EurepGAP Audits
Food Defense
Prometric Training and Proctor
SQF Audits
BRC Audits

FPA Certified
YUM! Brands Food Safety Certified
  USDA HACCP Certification – FOOD and Medical Device
AFDO Seafood HACCP Certified
 International HACCP Alliance Certification
Thermal Processing Certified
Six Sigma Champion
EurepGAP Certified
Food Defense Certified
CQA Certified Quality Auditor
Certified SQF Consultants/Auditors

Certified BRC Consultants/Auditors